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I'm sure some of you remember me whining about being on dial-up. Well, something has updated at LJ that hates dial-up even more than I do and it's kept me from posting much for a while now. If I visit LJ from home getting a page to load requires hitting refresh multiple times, sometimes over a half hour or more. Getting the post page to load is just as bad if not worse and even if I get it to load the post itself sometimes glitches.

It's something to do with Java scripts hanging up, probably because whoever set things up didn't set whatever to allow enough time for dialup to load and it just assumes there's a problem and gives up. If I turn Java off pages load pretty normally except for being not being able to reply to stuff. Of course with Java turned off you can't post. /sigh/ Once I've loaded a Journal sometimes I can turn Java back on, refresh it and have it load okay and be able to reply and even get other entries in the same journal to load but that trick doesn't work well with posting and it doesn't work every time.

It's just such a huge PITA to post under current conditions that it's not really worth it most of the time but I'm not leaving permanently.  If things go the way I hope I'll be able to get a faster connection next year but in the meantime I'll only be showing up when I happen to be able to use Wifi and have something I really need to post about. If you want to keep up with things like links to cool stuff then you'll need to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr. I'm @Ranuel03 on Twitter and you can find me on Tumblr at Ranuel.Tumblr.com 
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It's been a good week for cool stuff but I realized that I had stuff in email, chat, and tumblr that wasn't making its way here so have some linkspam:

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This is the final final edit I hope. I've been trying to get this posted with all links and formatting working for 2 hours.  Tip: Don't use the automatic crosspost feature at Dreamwidth anymore  if you mirror there. Since the last LJ update the HTML will not survive the trip without a gltich.
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I've already turned off the Live Journal Messenger. Not only did it hang up and fail to load a good deal of the time,  when it did work I got a steady stream of requests to add people I'd never heard of even though I'd chosen to only be visible to friends.
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According to LJ as of Saturday: 
Mail to Hotmail, Windows Live/MSN, Cox, Juno, and Netzero is currently blocked; LiveJournal engineers are working to contact those providers and resolve the block. 

Which is why since Friday some of us have not been getting all of our notifications. If they don't have it fixed by the time I get home tonight I'm going to temporarily switch my notification email to my unused Google account. Digging through the inbox is a whole bunch of no fun.
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I'm am totally confuzzled.


Which of the five files there do I need to download? All of them? Anybody reading this tried this? Is it worth downloading on dialup?

It's Over?

Jun. 1st, 2007 06:18 am
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Live Journal says it will restore the fan fic communities:


In a few weeks this will be old news to most people and it will be back to business as usual. Until the next time. Maybe that won't be here at LJ but there will be a next time and we need to remember that.

I am proud of how quickly fandom rallied together and how many voices of reason there were. If nothing else we may finally know how strong our presence is here via the [profile] fandom_counts project. If you haven't already,  and you have a blog that deals with fandom even if only occasionally, go join so they can add you to the count.
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The Inquirer (No not that one) points out "[I]f you want a community that burns books, does not like science fiction, suppresses talk about sexuality, or anything that departs from a norm defined by a US pressure group, then Live Journal is the place for you."


Firefox News has an article about the backlash


and a nice column by Leva Cygnet exploring the implications.


Slashdot has posted a short blurb.


And this just in


Live Journal's CEO posted a public apology over night and promises an individual review of the suspended accounts and a restoration of those that were hit by mistake.

There are already 47 PAGES of responses at 6:58am and he posted at 12:47am.

As one blogger put it they realized "Oh no! We've pissed off our CUSTOMERS!"

Still, the whole thing was not the First Amendment's best day and I expect to see fall out for some time to come, especially if other sites get targeted by the Warriors.
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So, I changed and now there are ads. When I get money I'll get a paid account but it's hard to justify spending even $24 when I'm trying to save enough to pay for Tanner to have a heart scan which the vet is requiring before we put him on medication for his heart murmur. Which isn't too bad and he is otherwise healthy, especially for a 14-year-old, but still something that needs watching.

If I do not go to the bank within the next month to get that bill consolidation loan feel free to spam me with the worst possible garbage until I do.

Thanks to the LJ users who responded to my last post. I do have more notifications but it doesn't say how many, just keeps accepting them. I also now have slots for more icons which I plan to fill soon.
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If you shell out the money do you get more than 25 notifications? I see where it says you get more icons and a longer list of recent comments but it's the notifications that I run short on. 

And has anyone tried the Plus account with the ads? Are they too obnoxious to inflict on people?
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It's been awfully quiet. Too quiet. Fano, who replies to stuff a lot less interesting than that,  didn't say a word about this morning's post. I was feeling slightly lonely but then I thought, "Hey, I tried posting draft posts as private only and then changed them back and changed the date to post them. What if they never got changed back?". 

So, I looked at my journal, then I went to Fano's friends page and after going ever further back I finally found that my last four posts show up here as public but do not show up at all on the friends pages of those who have friended me.


I just went through and deleted them and am reposting them as one long post. 

PS, I am way behind on reading MY friends page. Expect a bunch of comments this weekend. Or not since I'm getting the trailer Saturday and my cousin is in town for a visit. I'll catch up eventually. Really.






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