750 Words

Jun. 9th, 2012 11:37 am
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I've been trying out a useful writing motivation tool for the last couple of weeks called 750 Words. I waited to blog about it because I've jumped the gun in the past and thought something sounded incredible but then found that it didn't live up to its potential. Last year it was a site that let you share the book you were reading with others and everyone could comment on it. Fantastic idea but the site itself was so very badly done that just trying to use it as intended was an exercise in frustration and I ended up feeling bad about dragging my friends into trying it.

750 Words is as simple as its name. When you sign up there you get an email every day at the time of your choosing that reminds you to go write. You can opt out of the email if you want but I find that it's very motivating to have it sitting there until I do something about it.

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750 Words

Jun. 9th, 2012 11:31 am
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I've been trying out a useful writing motivation tool for the last couple of weeks called 750 Words. I waited to blog about it because I've jumped the gun in the past and thought something sounded incredible but then found that it didn't live up to its potential. Last year it was a site that let you share the book you were reading with others and everyone could comment on it. Fantastic idea but the site itself was so very badly done that just trying to use it as intended was an exercise in frustration and I ended up feeling bad about dragging my friends into trying it.

750 Words is as simple as its name. When you sign up there you get an email every day at the time of your choosing that reminds you to go write. You can opt out of the email if you want but I find that it's very motivating to have it sitting there until I do something about it.

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...a man who is famous for lying?


James Frey, the author of the *ahem* fact challenged "memoir" A Million Little Pieces, wants YOU to write books for him. Must be able to write to an outline, meet deadlines, and not question the small print in the contract.

Oh, and if you make the grade you can't tell anyone.

John Skalzi's response to the NY Times story:


"Just to be clear, if James Frey (or anyone else) tried to offer me this contract to write a book, here’s what I would do: Have my agent schedule a meeting with him for the clear and specific purpose of kicking him hard and square in the balls."

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Thanks to the help of [personal profile] fenikkusuken, [profile] iniondia, [profile] christinam33, and Spelunker I've fixed the commas and done some fine tuning on the rest.

I've posted the revised version to Fanfiction.Net, Mediaminer, and Paper Demon.

I would have put it in my DA account too but once again it's defeated me. It requires a preview image but doesn't give any sort of option for the standard fiction preview image of just the first words and I don't want to mess around creating something like that.
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EDIT 4/11/08

I saw today that this story has been nominated for an IYFG award. Thanks Robert! The link given was to this early version which contains a number of uncorrected punctuation errors and lacks additions and subtractions that were done after I had a chance to get more than a quick look over by a beta. Please click on the Leap of Faith banner you see to your left to go to the final edited version at FF.Net.

Leap of Faith
by Ranuel
Summary: The biggest challenge is just being alive. Written for Forthright's Leap Day Challenge.
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: PG
1609 words

Thanks to Christina for a quick beta!

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I got one of [personal profile] forthrightly's lovely banners just for being nominated which makes it much better . When I was nominated this quarter I didn't expect to win, I was really happy to be seconded even, but dead last a couple of slots below "No award should be given" is somewhat embarrassing. I feel a bit like Charlie Brown.

- Divinations of a Curious Nature by Abraxas, 11 votes, 22.92%
- Goldenrod by Fenikkusuken, 7 votes, 14.58%
- Miroku Meditates by Knittingknots, 6 votes, 12.50%
- InuYasha's Dream by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Power to Protect by Ginger Bits, 5 votes, 10.42%
- Sometimes The Wind by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Journey's End: An Epic Poem by JediK1, 3 votes, 6.25%
- No Award Should be Given, 3 votes, 6.25%
- Kissing and Quotients by Silent Scribe, 2 votes, 4.17%
- Resurrection by Ranuel, 1 votes, 2.08%

No, that one vote wasn't mine, the poem I voted for didn't win either though.

Really, being considered the 9th best poem of the quarter is pretty darn good given it's the first poetry I've done in years and how much IY poetry is out there.

Congratulations to Abraxas (AKA Ren), [personal profile] fenikkusuken, and Knittingknots for their wins.
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Fanfiction.Net is looking for 25 Beta readers:

October 12th, 2007 -- The site is looking for 25 volunteers to help test a new feature in development. We are looking for long time users of the site that are both active readers and writers. Interested parties must have an site account for at least 1 year and is knowledgeable to the world of beta-reading. If you qualify and are willing, please email support@fanfiction.com with "Tester Account" as the subject line.

So, do you think that picking out the errors in their notice is a deliberate test to see if the person qualifies or do they REALLY need betas?
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I LOVE YOU [personal profile] fenikkusuken!!!!!!!

Resurrection has been nominated for the IYFG awards!!!!!



*Revives and does the happy dance again when I realize I'm gonna get a Forthy banner no matter what now*


Sep. 30th, 2007 09:20 pm
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I got a review at FF.Net for Resurrection! My first review at FFNet! And it's not even from a friend,  somebody random just found it and liked it!

This post needs more exclamation marks!!!!!!!

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Most people who write as a hobby probably give at least a passing thought to what it would be like to write professionally. For me the attraction would be doing something I love, working from home, and being able to set my own schedule for the most part. No more going to bed at 9 and getting up at 5:30 even though I'm a night owl. No more hour spent on the interstate every day. For a successful writer there would be book tours with hellish schedules but they wouldn't be a day-to-day grind sort of thing.

A lot of people have a fantasy tough that once you sell one novel you will live a life of relative luxury. You will sleep until noon, do three or four hours of work, and then relax in your hot tub or head out to a party. After all J.K. Rowling only has to put out a less than a book a year and she's one of the richest women in the UK.

But she's the exception. The sad fact is that many pros often can't make a living at writing alone. If they do often theirs is the second income and their spouse has a “real job” with benefits and retirement plans. Often they moonlight as a professional writer and make the bulk of their money doing something else like teaching. The stats are better for writers than for actors but they still aren't very encouraging.



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I suspect that most authors don't really want criticism, not even constructive criticism. They want straight-out, unabashed, unashamed, fulsome, informed, naked praise, arriving by the shipload every fifteen minutes or so. Unfortunately an Amazon.com reviews page for one of the author's books is the wrong place to go looking for this. Probably best just not to look.

From his blog, September 22, 2004
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I've been thinking about the feedback Spelunker and Fano gave me and I had every intention of doing serious work on the project this weekend but I'm not very creative with a fever and when I did have the time and energy to devote to it I ended up spending it on discussing game stuff with Edward at his request. So, no re-write and no work on the next module.

I'm thinking next Sunday, baring further ill health or disaster, I'm going to turn off the cell phone and not log into IM. There is nobody who needs to get to me on an emergency basis who wouldn't  be able to drive over here and knock on the door. I will have gotten my laundry and such done the day before and I will simply take the time for me.
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Here is what I've got done on the first chapter.

I'm specifically looking for input on how well Heneter is set up as a character, how interested you are in what happens next, if you think she should eventually get involved with Nakhti far, far in the future, and how much, if any, effort should I put into details of the preparations for leaving and the voyage.

General comments are also welcome.



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A new poster at WAS IF is asking about how to deal with a long dry spell and with getting frustrated when your plots don't go anywhere. I can relate. I have outlined, in very broad strokes, a series that at this point comprises 10 novels.

This is scary for a number of reasons.

 First, and most importantly, there is the fact that in the 4 years or so since I decided to get serious about writing this I've managed to write something like 3 completed chapters, each in need of revising, and a detailed outline for half of book one. At this rate I will need to live well past 100 to get what is already planned out done. There are a lot of reasons for this, some better than others, and I'm actively working at reorganizing my life to remove as many of the barriers as I can.

 A very big barrier has been the low grade depression I've suffered since my parents died and my home was destroyed. I was able to keep functioning but not to do a whole lot more than the bare minimum to survive and move on. Living in a new place, without any attached memories is helping but just getting to the point where I committed to buying it was a big step too.
I'm starting to have in interest in actively creating again instead of just passively consuming other's work and studying theory. It's only a little spark, but I'm looking for ways to fan it.

 The series features characters that my friends and I created for a long running RPG over a decade ago. I did so much background development for my main player character that I started thinking about telling stories about her. I got permission to use characters created by 3 of my friends and I started designing an original world for these characters. I've actually gotten a lot of the world building done and I've been using it in the RPG I run for a few years now.

 What I've done is take the real world and recreate each area as it might have been if the ancient culture it is best known for hadn't faded. With a few fantasy additions. I haven't decided on a name for the world as a whole. I'm leaning towards finding out what Earth was called in the various ancient languages and having everyone use their own name for it.

 The characters I'm taking from the game are:

 Ranuel (my creation and the source of my on line name. She came first, I used to be The Hobbit back in the eighties in the BBS days but then I was away from on line stuff for a few years and when I came back the name was taken everywhere so in a moment of impatience when my other 2 attempts were also taken at an RPG forum I went with Ranuel.): She is an elven bard from a region of the Iberian peninsula that would be in the North West of Spain today. She is very young, only 120 when we first meet her, which makes her the equivalent of a human 15 year old.

The stock fantasy elf is a serene creature who is in tune with nature and makes profound statements. He or she is usually an expert archer.

Ranuel is a ditz who loves ogling men, shopping, and luxury. Given the choice between going on a dungeon crawl to recover the holy spittoon of McGuffin and having her nails done she'll happily wave goodbye to the other party members before returning her hand to the presoak. She enjoys getting on adult nerves. She is halfway decent with a bow if she has time to aim but she isn't going to be winning any tournaments.

 She also has a deeper side but that doesn't come out for a while. Her good qualities are loyalty to the point of stupidity and an ability to figure out puzzles. She does have pretty good basic survival skills or she wouldn't have lived as long as she did in her home region but she much prefers filet mignon on silver plates to a haunch of venison that she's had to butcher herself.

The name is a tip of the hat to my best friend Katje who gave herself the elvish name Ranueul as a teen and was wearing a shirt with that embroidered in elvish letters the first time I met her.

 Heneter (created by Mary Cajigal): Heneter is human and about 24. She is a warrior priestess in the service of Horus and a very low ranking member of the Egyptian Royal family being the daughter of the Pharaoh by one of his concubines. She was turned over to the temple as soon as she was weaned because of a prophecy that she is unaware of that said that doing so would one day ensure the survival of the family. She is very serious and disciplined.  Despite the fact that Ranuel is over 5 times her age Heneter comes to regard her as something of a pesky little sister and feels responsible for keeping Ranuel out of trouble. Ranuel loves pushing her buttons. She is the main character of the first book.

Her home base is the Temple of Horus in Thebes where she commands the temple guard. She has been sent on missions for the pharaoh in the past and is a skilled negotiator. When we meet her she is being sent to attend the coronation of the new Emperor of the Western Empire (analogous to Spain with some key differences) with an expectation that she find out the juicy details of what happened with the recent palace coup.

 Kamiko (created by Edward MacAllister): A special forces type soldier from an advanced civilization who comes to this world via a dimensional gate in pursuit of agents of the race that her people have been fighting for hundreds of years. Her world is not an alternate Earth but her culture is based on Feudal Japan for reasons that would take a very long post to explain. Gods are involved, let's leave it at that.

She is a mutt but she has a nice dollop of kitsune blood which so far translates into a latent healing ability and a strong sex drive. She is also the product of a military breeding program that tweaked developing fetuses so that the result would be people who are stronger, faster, and more intelligent than the average. They also mature faster so even though her race normally ages at a rate similar to that of an elf she hit full physical maturity at 15. No one is sure how this will affect her life span but so far at 100 she is equivalent to a 18 – 20 year old. She was raised in a military facility where she underwent extensive daily training from the time she was old enough to possess the needed motor skills.

Heneter and Ranuel don't trust her at first but agree to work with her both because they need the knowledge of the enemy she has and because they can keep an eye on her that way. Ranuel and Kamiko don't get along because Kamiko has a low tolerance for idiots.

Korokos (Created by Lynn Brown): Is A.K.A. Sir Not Appearing in This Story due to a series of misunderstandings and weirdness encouraged by a third party that resulted in Lynn no longer being on friendly terms with me. I'd love to keep Korokos but given how her creator seems to feel about me I'm pretty sure the permission I was given to use her has been revoked. The role her character inhabited will be given to a new character that I've got to design and that's currently the creative bone I'm chewing on.

 I'm keeping her relationship with Kamiko and her ultimate betrayal of the group since that is central to the plot of the second book and a little beyond. I'm also keeping the fact that she was in prison when she first appeared and was released into the custody of Henetor. Other than that it's all changing and I have to come up with a believable character with a new name, country of origin, etc. who will fit in the hole left by Korokos and yet be original enough that Lynn doesn't feel ripped off.  So far I've worked out that she is from Carthage, which in my world is the capitol of a matriarchal culture who are based on a blending of the Phoenician and Tuareg peoples. The Tuareg are matrilineal and Carthage was founded by a Phoenician queen so it's not too far a stretch. I haven't worked out just when and how things diverged from the real world for them though. The Taureg are a Berber people. Berbers call themselves the Amazigh. Close enough for them to be my world's Amazons.

 I don't really need to work out the new character yet since she won't be introduced until late in the first book so why am I working on that now? Procrastination has many forms. What I actually need to be working on is to figure out how they get from where they are at the beginning of book 1 to where they are in book 2. I haven't worked out the middle yet. This is because I can't use what happened to the characters when they first met in the game since it wasn't my story and I'm finding it hard to ignore that history and do an AU. 

 Once I overcome that I've got most of the rest pretty well plotted since it all flows from what happens in book 2 which is based on the very first module I ever wrote so the plot is all mine. A few of the walk on characters were lifted from common domain sources but I'm going to be cutting them or reworking them into original characters when the time comes.

I've got a real plot up until the chapter where Henetor and Ranuel meet and then nothing. I start working on it and I get frustrated and then think about stuff later in the series an then I start doing stuff that looks like productive work, like working on the new character, or whether or not this world had an Alexander of Macedonia and if so was he all that great, and get totally side tracked.

Oh, and I've got a sex scene written from somewhere around book 5 or 6.

I'm doomed.


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