Apr. 6th, 2013 11:13 am
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Did everyone survive Spring Break as gets it? Here's a few things to help get through next week even if you didn't get a holiday.
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Apr. 6th, 2013 11:08 am
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Did everyone survive Spring Break as gets it? Here's a few things to help get through next week even if you didn't get a holiday.

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Mar. 9th, 2013 08:11 pm
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LJ WAS screwed up yesterday and I couldn't post much beyond a link. When I tried to edit to put in a missing word I couldn't even do that but now it's working again so I'm editing this to include the full post.

I was home sick most of the week so I have a lot of good stuff.

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Mar. 9th, 2013 07:43 pm
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I've been home sick most of this week so I have a bunch of good stuff.
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Feb. 17th, 2013 06:34 pm
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First a word from our sponsor rant



Seriously. I haven't posted here in a month and I came in to find that it's different and I'm not seeing how it's in ways that fix previous problems. I've stopped posting to Tumblr since their last update made it too frustrating to deal with. When my queue runs out that's the last I'm reblogging there until the next update at least. I'll probably still post a link back here when I post because that's not as hard as doing a whole post but I was really loving Tumblr. :(

So, assuming I can get the page break to work clicky for many and varied links of goodness

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It's been a good week for cool stuff but I realized that I had stuff in email, chat, and tumblr that wasn't making its way here so have some linkspam:

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This is the final final edit I hope. I've been trying to get this posted with all links and formatting working for 2 hours.  Tip: Don't use the automatic crosspost feature at Dreamwidth anymore  if you mirror there. Since the last LJ update the HTML will not survive the trip without a gltich.
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It's been a good week for cool stuff but I realized that I had stuff in email, chat, and tumblr that wasn't making it's way here so have some linkspam: 

Sorry there's no cut but for some reason when I put in the cut it made the middle third of the post disappear entirely and I couldn't figure out how to fix the html.

Click here to see my Tumblr main page and scroll through this first batch or use the following individual links:

Oracle addresses the DC Comics Reboot

Supergirl's new costume.

Youko and Kuronue Poker Face by Yon-Kitty


I "Liked" this:

The Batman is generally a solitary creature

Cute Thor

Other stuff not posted elsewhere:

Via[ profile] christinam33  on chat and The Onion  Al Qaeda on US Infrastructure

Hiei cosplay

Kuronue cosplay

Zardra's "Punk Faery" at DA

Great Quote:

After Alfred's literary hero, Jeeves, the most famous butler in fiction is probably Stevens in Remains of the Day. Alfred remembered fondly that book's account of an unflappable butler serving in India, who interrupts his master's tea to report a rabid tiger has entered the house and rests beneath the dining room table. The butler calmly asks permission to use a particular weapon, after which the guests hear three gunshots. The butler returns to refresh the teapot and reports "Dinner will be served at the usual time, milord, and I am pleased to say there will be no discernable traces of the recent occurrence by that time."

Perhaps it was the gift for dignified understatement that put Alfred more in mind of Stevens than Jeeves at this particular moment. Or perhaps it was that Stevens' duties brought him into contact with Nazis and Nazi collaborators, while the worst Jeeves had to contend with were chaps called Tuppy Glossop and Gussie Finknottle.

"There is a matter in the library requiring your attention, sir," Alfred announced soberly. Bruce turned from his place where Signora Rinaldi was measuring counter space for a demonstration on olive pressing, and Alfred continued. "Your immediate attention, sir."

Assuming this was yet another of the endless preparations for the festival, Bruce entered the library with a distracted air, totally unprepared for the sight that would greet him. The transition to Batman was instantaneous as his brain registered it - the Joker! - sitting in an easy chair - feet up on an endtable - balancing a leather-bound volume of Emily Dickenson poems on his chin.

From Cat Tales #15 Something Old by Chris Dee. The entire series can be found here.

Fanfiction Downloader has updated and now does more formats. Also, works better with the latest FF.Net site update.

Elizabeth Warren trounces class warfare meme (Video)

Draw a stickman and have adventures! 

25 Historically Important Photos. Includes the first color photograph but also a couple of disturbing images of hanging and war.

A Moment of WTF: Found this in a summary at FF.Net: 
 "I need OC's for my fanfic Family Means Everything, I will only except 10 characters related to the Marvel characters so get your character in fast."
Rage inducing look at the DC Reboot's redesign of Starfire and what they're saying to women.

And to get you in a better mood: 
When the Lights Come On Again by[personal profile] seanchai & [personal profile] elspethdixonThanks so much[ profile] jojo_kun for helping me find this!
Summary: Aliens have invaded earth, and the Avengers are scattered. While Steve leads the resistance, Tony once again finds himself playing captive scientist. In the midst of a violent alien regime, separated by seemingly insurmountable boundaries, Steve and Tony have nothing to keep themselves going but each other.

Steve and Tony are separated for most of this but there's a nice fluffy pay off at the end. Really great characterizations and a gripping story. Better than a lot of canon stuff.

In addition to helping me find stories Jojo has been busy doing Steve/Tony art. Yum! 

Kiss the Sky

Room with a View (NSFW)


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